TIME Magazine quotes Ernest Wilson on L.A. Economy

“L.A. needs to diversify its economy by attracting more investment from sectors such as high tech… If we don’t, there’s a dystopian story. Unemployment will increase. Infrastructure will continue to deteriorate.”

High Tech Sector Pushing US Public Diplomacy Forward

Tech companies may have been listening a year ago when Wilson urged the tech sector to leverage its power to influence the national agenda on topics such as education, immigration, and foreign economic policy to strengthen U.S. smart power.  See Naomi Light’s USC Annenberg’s Center on Public Diplomacy blog.

Council on Foreign Relations publishes report: “Defending an Open, Global, Secure, and Resilient Internet”

Ernest Wilson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Task Force, consisting of experts representing a variety of sectors, including high-tech industry, China studies, and leaders on cyber issues. The CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force published their report this June. The report warns that “escalating attacks on countries, companies, and individuals… threaten the security and safety of the Internet.”

Dean Ernest J. Wilson III congratulates USC Annenberg’s Class of 2013

Dean Wilson addresses the Annenberg class of 2013. He says, “This is a wonderful time to be going out into the world of media, entertainment, [and] communications.” Watch Video »

Dean Wilson moderates the Google LA Speaker Series event featuring Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen

On May 9, 2013, Wilson moderated a “Google LA Speaker Series” event featuring Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. Schmidt is Google’s Executive Chairman and Cohen is the director of the think / do tank, Google Ideas. The event was on the occasion of the duo’s new book, “The New Digital Age.”