Futures of Entertainment 5

Cities and the Future of Entertainment. Today, new entertainment production cultures are arising around key cities like Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. What do these changes mean for the international flow of media content? And how does the nature of these cities help shape the entertainment industries they are fostering? At the same time, new means of media production and circulation allow people to produce content from suburban or rural areas. How do these trends co-exist? And what does it mean for the futures of entertainment?
Moderator: Maurício Mota (The Alchemists)
Panelists: Parmesh Shahani (Godrej Industries, India), Ernie Wilson (University of Southern California), and Sérgio Sá Leitão (Rio Filmes) Read More »

Governing Global Electronic Networks

MIT Press, 2008

Dean Wilson talks inauguration for LA Times panel

The Los Angeles Times invited Dean Ernest J. Wilson III to be one of nine local leaders to participate in a panel about the significance of President Barack Obama‘s inauguration, which Dean Wilson said marks the start of an important change for the United States.

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Dean Wilson concludes work on Obama’s transition team

Dean Ernest J. Wilson III recently returned to Southern California after serving as part of the team advising President-elect Barack Obama.

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Closing the Global IT Capacity Gap

ECAR Symposium, December 4, 2008, Boca Raton, FL

IT success hinges increasingly on our capacity to create and sustain a senior leadership cadre (e-leaders) able to mobilize the most appropriate IT resources to advance organizational purposes. They must be able to integrate multiple factors into a single strategy. A number of key factors have combined to create a growing gap between the need for e-leaders and their current supply. Closing this gap requires fixing both coordination between senior organizational executives and their chief IT officers, and coordination between information and communication technology experts in government and those in private firms, universities, and nonprofits. This session will suggest essential individual competencies and organizational capacities required for success.

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Governing Global Electronic Networks Conclusion

Governing Global Electronic Networks, 2008

Dean Wilson appointed to presidential transition team

Ernest J. Wilson III , Walter Annenberg Chair in Communication and dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, has been appointed to the team advising President-Elect Barack Obama as he continues to assemble his administration.

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Hillary’s Foreign Policy

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on January 23, 2007

Let me describe for you Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy. And Barack’s, and Richardson’s and Edwards’. Let me tell you their views on national security and diplomacy, the foreign policy priorities they would aggressively pursue, and the sort of foreign policy president each would become, if elected.

China Watchers, Watch This

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on January 08, 2007

For at least a decade the United States has been beating on China to change its duplicitous stance on intellectual property rights. We’ve had only modest success. Now some Chinese content producers are suing other Chinese companies for copyright infringement. Now maybe we’ll see some action.

Negotiating the Net: The Politics of Internet Diffusion in Africa

Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2006