Dean Wilson Featured in C-Suite Quarterly

C-Suite Quarterly magazine has written about the Third Space under the headline, “Filling the $1 Trillion Talent Gap.” The story, part of the magazine’s Innovation Round-up, begins, “Ernest J. Wilson III, Dean of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, is leading the charge on the school’s current research endeavor: Third Space Thinking. As Wilson puts it, Third Space thinkers are ‘adept, open-minded communicators,’ and research shows they are few and far between in the workplace.” Click here to see the full write-up.

Dean Wilson Presents Third Space in Paris

Dean in ParisIn December 2014 Dean Wilson traveled to Paris to deliver a presentation on the Third Space as part of the Forum Speakers Series conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Dean Wilson’s talk focused on Third Space competencies, future workforce needs, and talent and skills development in the 21st century. The presentation was delivered Wednesday, December 17th.

Third Space Forum 2014

The Third Space Forum was held November 7, 2014 at Wallis Annenberg Hall in the heart of USC’s University Park campus. Click here to go to the Third Space website, then move the cursor over the FORUM 2014 item on the Menu bar to access information and highlights of the event.

Third Space Update

Click this link Dean’s column_Annenberg Agenda_Summer 2014 to read the latest on USC Annenberg’s exploration of the Third Space from the Summer 2014 edition of the Annenberg Agenda.

Third Space Video Goes Live Online

USC’s Third Space webpage is up and running, complete with an exciting video overview. The Third Space is defined as the unique set of attitudes, perspectives, experience and knowledge that have been determined to be crucial to being successful in the 21st century in practically any industry, and in the MCE (media, communication and entertainment) arena especially. USC Annenberg is the pioneer in recognizing, defining, mining and providing these capabilities in its students and to its constituents. Take a moment to see what we’re talking about by visiting the page or viewing the video directly.

Third Space video screencapture-CROPPED v2

The Third Space

Executives and thought-leaders from the media, communication and entertainment (MCE) fields seek people who are capable of recognizing new patterns, communicating across multiple boundaries, and effectively using various platforms to reach diverse audiences. This new set of 21st century communications competencies has been dubbed the “Third Space.” Read more… Dean’s column_The Third Space_Talent-21