Welcome Remarks at Cooney Center 2011 Leadership Forum

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop’s 2011 Leadership Forum, “Learning from Hollywood”

Dean Ernest J. Wilson III delivered remarks to 200 thought leaders in entertainment media, education, research, philanthropy and policy at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Worshop’s 2011 Leadership Forum, “Learning from Hollywood.” The forum was held on the USC campus from May 16-17, 2011. Agenda & Speakers

The goals of this conference are extremely important for the future of our youth, and hence for the future of the country. Games, TV shows and virtual reality are not just playthings. They are instruments for educating—or miseducating—the next generation of Americans. The question is, will we find the imagination and the ethical commitment to raise a generation of kids literate in the new and old ways of learning….?  Read More »