The More Things Change, The More They Change (VIDEO)

As dean of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, Dr. Ernest J. Wilson III is on the front line of changes wrought by the digital revolution. That’s why The Communications Network tapped his expertise three years ago for its report: “Come On In. The Water’s Fine. An Exploration of Web 2.0 Technology and Its Emerging Impact on Foundation Communications.”

Then, as now, Wilson believes the key to effectively navigating these changes is what he calls the capacity for “sustained innovation.” For foundation communication departments — forced daily to grapple with ever-shifting modes of communication — this capacity isn’t just nice to have. It’s imperative. “In such an environment,” Wilson writes in the Spring 2012 issue of strategy+business magazine, “creativity needn’t wait for the unpredictable ‘aha’ moment. It is continually nurtured.” Read More »