The Interwoven Era: The US, China and its New Aircraft Carrier

Third, we are in an era of global convergence, an interwoven world where economies, cultures and lives are linked by movies, pop stars, and the Internet, by student exchange programs and international flight. While the PLA is notoriously opaque and Beijing has mastered the art of poker-face diplomacy, a recent study by one of this article’s authors and Dean Ernest J. Wilson III of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism shows that China’s behavior in the global arena was found to be moving closer in line with accepted international norms on economic, aid, and energy issues. That is, while divergence continues in areas of democratic reform and human rights, the most effective way long-term to limit erratic behavior on China’s part is to continue developing the economic, political, and cultural ties that are inevitably bringing our two countries together. Read More »