Dean Wilson talks inauguration for LA Times panel

The Los Angeles Times invited Dean Ernest J. Wilson III to be one of nine local leaders to participate in a panel about the significance of President Barack Obama‘s inauguration, which Dean Wilson said marks the start of an important change for the United States.

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Dean Wilson concludes work on Obama’s transition team

Dean Ernest J. Wilson III recently returned to Southern California after serving as part of the team advising President-elect Barack Obama.

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Dean Wilson appointed to presidential transition team

Ernest J. Wilson III , Walter Annenberg Chair in Communication and dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, has been appointed to the team advising President-Elect Barack Obama as he continues to assemble his administration.

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Hard Power, Soft Power, Smart Power

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2008

This article pushes beyond hard power and soft power to insist on smart power, defined as the capacity of an actor to combine elements of hard power and soft power in ways that are mutually reinforcing such that the actor’s purposes are advanced effectively and efficiently. It argues that advancing smart power has become a national security imperative, driven both by long-term structural changes in international conditions and by short-term failures of the current administration. The current debates over public diplomacy and soft power suffer from failures to address conceptual, institutional, and political dimensions of the challenge, three dimensions the author addresses in this article. Read More »

Progressive Policies at Home and Abroad

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on February 26, 2007

Congrats to Greg Anrig for engaging an all-too-rare debate in his post on Jeff Faux’s new book. But whatever the specific answer may be for health care or pensions, the right question is "What’s the relationship between what we do at home and what we do abroad?"

And the Winner Is…

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on February 24, 2007

Here I am in LA – no ticket to the Oscars, missed the Hillary and Obama moments – but one thing is clear- we need a new category for cool movies called “Most Global Movie Award” And the winner this year is….

Winning Smart Power

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on February 11, 2007

Joe Nye reminds us that soft power is the power to get others to want what we want. By that definition, soft power advocates haven’t done so well. Ironically, they have failed to use soft power to get others to want what they want – that is, more soft power.

Empire vs. Democracy: Who’s in Favor of Democracy?

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on February 01, 2007

Chalmers Johnson’s warning about the choice between democracy and empire is compelling. But so powerful is his message that it washes away any sense of resistance. Where is progressive politics? And where is the press?

Hillary’s Foreign Policy

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on January 23, 2007

Let me describe for you Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy. And Barack’s, and Richardson’s and Edwards’. Let me tell you their views on national security and diplomacy, the foreign policy priorities they would aggressively pursue, and the sort of foreign policy president each would become, if elected.

Why Are We So Lousy at Foreign Policy?

Originally posted at TPMCafé’s “America Abroad” on January 21, 2007

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times asked a question last week worthy of further consideration: “Why are we so lousy at foreign policy?” He points to two basic reasons – one is America’s failure to understand nationalism abroad.